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About Gargee Vidyarthi

My Tryst With Natural Remedies By Gargee Vidyarthi

I have always been keen on natural remedies as have sort of distrust in the modern medicine. My faith in therapeutic ways of Nature was strengthened when I visited Novdanya Farms in Dehradun in the year 2013.

There I got first-hand experience about how nature has everything for us. That set me thinking and then in the year 2016 I read an article in Times of India about these women who were using various Natural Products at home.

Why Choose Us

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  • Non commercial platform

  • Wish to share my knowledge with others

  • Reduce expenditure of home through natural living

  • Awaken people to appreciate benefits of natural nuska’s( home remedies)

  • Realisation of the fact that healthy body is a result of healthy mind .

What My Clients Say

3 thoughts on “My Tryst with Natural Remedies by Gargee Vidyarthi”

“Being an army officer's wife comes with lot of struggle including long time saperation from your spouse.Coming from civilian background, I couldn't handle separation too well and was gripped by anxiety and self- pity. And then, I met Mrs Gargee Vidyarthi, an expert in numerology. She advised me to add another letter to my son's name. Her advice changed situations in my life miraculously and saperation time with my husband came to an end.I can't thank her enough for her love and support ❤❤.”

Savita Garg

“Great to be reminded of what our grandmas used to practice. It is indeed great to take to natural remedies .Thanks for sharing your useful recipes with us. Truly impressed.”

Ammu Ravel Singh

"When I first saw Gargee in our school staff room, her pleasing persona, a smiling face and her positive vibes immediately pulled me towards her. Just a brief formal conversation with her assured me that our friendship will be for life. Now I have known Gargee for almost 10-11 years (can't keep count) and I can't thank God enough for sending her into my life. I have always been a happy go lucky person but things changed after marriage ( I am sure it does for most of us). The road ahead wasn't easy: my struggles were turning me into a grief stricken, bitter soul (something I wasn't liking though) and that's why I think God sent her into my life. She is a great councilor but not a preacher. She will not tell you things you know but don't want to know. Just talking to her and sharing problems with her would mostly take the burden off my shoulder. She infused so much positivity into my life that I started to let go of things that were bothering me until then. She slowly and gradually put me onto the path of meditation and manifestation  - a path that has led to a happy space in which I am today.
After, having moved to Canada 4 years back, I don't chat with her daily but the moment there is a difficult situation in my life, the first phone call is to my friend - Gargee. Just a quick phone call with her takes care of half my worries. Again -can't thank god enough for having her in my life. "

Archana Arora

“I was introduced to home-made, natural skin and hair care products by Gargee two years ago…and I have switched to them totally after learning to make them myself at home. It’s such a refreshing change … to use products made without chemicals, at home myself is indeed very satisfying. I can feel the difference in the tone and texture of my skin. Gargee has put me on the path to self care in sync with nature and I am loving the journey.Thank You Gargee❤


“I had attended a short workshop with Gargee when I was at my lowest phase. Her kind spirit had the ability to bring peace and calm to my mind. She taught me a few techniques which not only gave me certain closures about my past but also helped me to move on in my life. Her method of writing letters and letting out our anger and then burning those letters helped me in forgiving and forgetting the bitter toxic memories and the perpetrators of those creating such memories. I would be eternally grateful to her for helping me sail through that phase of my life.”


“Gargee has a positive aura around her and is always motivated to help others by different means possible.She is reliable and responsible person who has set high standards of ethics for herself and people around her. Her mature advices are a source of solace at the time all challenging situations. She is someone you can count on and will help you out of fight and fuel to swim in turbulent waters we call life !”